Friday, January 11, 2008

Advice to my Son by J. Peter Meinke

I thought about everything he was saying was the truth and I can relate to this poem. My father always tells me the same things about taking advantage of the opportunities that we are given. The subject of the poem is love, the father has love for his son and wants the best for him. The tone is more settle like he's just letting him know what he has to look forward to. I like how he says "live your life as it's your last day but plan for the future." He wants him to have fun but still remember that he's going to be here longer that one day so don't do something to stupid. I like how he used types of food that got you cravings going yet he talked about wanting more, something better. Thats true because once you have something good you want something better than what you just had.


Jk-47 said...

its cool that you can relate to this poem. Its also cool that your dad gave you advise like that. If my dad ever gave me good advise, I might not be in the middle downward spiral tward failure. good job.

the late, Jason K.

Michael Paukert said...

Hey man this is sorta like my poem.Having the poem relate to you is the coolest thing ever!!!! I think that this would be a great poem for you even if you didn't pick it. Good Job.
lest go snowboarding.

Kevin Butler said...

i can understand how you can relate to this poem because my dad tells me the same things all the time, too always keep your options open and look forward to the future but stay responsible and smart and don't get off track.

Wheeler Student said...

It is said that,"Great Minds Think Alike." Vince we must be geniuses because we are thinking like siamese twins joined at the head. I think you should be awarded some sort of merit or at least a grand acknowledgment. This was great. I knew I could count on you.

Jordan Martinez said...

yeah nice interpretation. i really think that the dad genuinely cares for his son and is really trying hard to give his son the best advice a father can give his son. i also can relate to it because like your dad, my dad also gave me similar advice to that of the poem.

kjirsten hindle said...

For me this poem is a little bit different...although I'm a girl my dad is my best friend. i am who I am today because of what he has taught me. I have also been taught to take advantage of all of the wonderful oppotunities that life has to offer. I feel that the advice that a parent can give to a child is the best advice they will ever receive. i also feel that it is important for everyone to have a great relationship with their parents.